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Hotels In Diu : An Island Of Splendour!
16.01.2014 11:42

Diu is breathtakingly beautiful with the blend of the sun, sea and sand of the Arabian sea. This little island is serenely situated in the southern tip of Gujarat. The golden sand, the blue water, clean environment, water sports, the churches and the Portuguese Fort are attractions to one and all. Diu was an important naval base and trading port in the centuries gone by. The attractions of Diu are the Fort, Main Bazaar, Jetty, Church and the Museum.


There aren’t many hotels to choose from, yet Hotels In Diu make your stay a memorable experience. One of the finest hotels is Azzaro resorts and spa is one of the finest hotels which exudes luxury and great comfort. The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant, floor lighting and amazing wood work. The resort has 36 royal rooms with a garden and pool view. The rooms are impressive, relaxing, contemporary and provide good facilities. The staff are hospitable and pamper you while on vacation.


Hotel Apaar is a famous hotel on the sea shore with modern facilities for a comfortable stay. Their excellent hospitality by the highly trained, dedicated, courteous and well groomed staff is the secret to success. The hotel boasts of the best clientele which adds a feather in their cap. The hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant, floor lighting and amazing wood work. Hotel Relax Inn is a budget hotel centrally located and close to the attractions of Diu.  Hotels in Diu are a retreat for a happy holiday!


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